To create new designs:

Custom FabricAlthough fabric selections abound, you may require a textile that is unique to your specifications or end use. Keystone Weaving Mills, Inc. is happy to work with you to create that special fabric just for you.

Whether it is an open line project or a custom textile designed for one particular customer, each follows the same basic steps. Minimum yardage requirements depend upon a number of factors and are evaluated on an individual basis.

1.  Whether to begin? Design inspiration comes from the world around us. Many designs begin as a printed photograph, magazine clipping, or an archived fabric swatch. However, as technology advances, digital media is also appropriate. Our designers use propriety CAD (computer aided design) software to convert your design concept into the necessary artwork for a fabric design. Design fees are based upon the complexity of the artwork and are evaluated on an individual basis. This fee must be approved by you before work will begin.

2.  What's Next? Our designers will work with you to select an appropriate fabric construction that combines your artwork with your end use. This construction will give you a clear understanding of the final fabric's fiber content, fabric weight, texture, color, and approximate price per yard.

3.  When can I see my fabric? Our design team will then perform the complex task of marrying the artwork with the approved fabric construction. Normally, you can expect to receive a sample in 2 weeks for approval. Any subsequent revisions may take 1-2 weeks.

Custom Fabrics

4.  When does my order ship? After your sample is approved, the design is ready to weave. A quantity order will be processed and you can expect delivery in 3-4 weeks. Our customer service department is happy to work with you if you require your order sooner.

5.  What if I want a special color? If you like the finished fabric but you need a specific color, the change is usually easy to perform. However, minimum yardage depends upon the yarn colors we have in inventory. As with a new design, you will receive a sample for approval and the appropriate sample fee will apply.

When do we start? If you have questions or a special project you are ready to begin, please contact us at or by phone at 717.272.4665.



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